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Faster Internet

Our new internet supplier is now providing us with wireless internet direct from their high speed link at Bulbarrow Hill. We now have a connection which is 10 times faster than that of the old system!

Why not give it a try.

School WiFi

Leweston School WiFi

We are pleased to announce that the new Leweston School wireless network is now live, providing staff and students with internet access school wide! It’s easy to get started, just join the ‘Leweston’ network, open an internet browser and login using your normal username and password.

School WiFi

Cartridge Recycling Scheme

We have signed up to an innovative fundraising programme called Money to Schools, which recycles used inkjet cartridges, toners and old mobile phone and turns them in to cash for the school.

Money to Schools

This fundraising initiative also allows us to raise funds - the more mobile phones and cartridges we collect, the more money we will receive in exchange for these products. Did you know, mobiles phones and inkjet cartridges if dumped in landfill sites, can take 1000 years to breakdown.

You can support our Money to Schools fundraising programme by donating your own empty printer cartridges and mobile phones. We have a collection box for these items in the print room (opposite the server room). So if you normally put empty cartridges in the bin or have an old mobile gathering dust in a drawer please drop them into the box. The funds we raise can be used for vital resources and equipment.

Getting your friends and family involved in the programme can generate even more funds for the school and help to save the enviroment. Recycling used inkjet cartridges, toners and old mobile phones has a positive impact on the environment by diverting these potential pollutants from landfill.

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